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Model for Didactical Analysis

Tulisan ini merupakan bagian dari portfolio yang saya tulis pada saat sedang mengikuti mata kuliah Design Science Education and Communication (DSEC). DSEC merupakan mata kuliah yang wajib saya ambil saat sedang melaksanakan studi di Utrecht University. Portfolio ini diberi nama Personal Design Manual (PDM). Tujuan dari tugas ini sediri adalah agar nantinya, PDM ini dapa digunakan sebagai pedoman dalam proses menciptakan desain pembelajaran. Paragraf berikut ini merupakan kalimat yang saya kutip dari Guideline dalam menulis PDM yang bisa didownload di BlackBoard Utrecht University. Semoga tulisan ini bermanfaat buat pembaca yang sedang merancang desain pembelajaran.

The aim of the task is to throughout the course develop a collection of ideas, principles, approaches and strategies that the student personally expects to be helpful in his/her future designing activities. The personal manual can be a selection of existing ideas but can also include self-developed strategies. The final result consists of the set of design principles, exemplified by concrete examples and complemented by a motivation why and how this design principle seems useful. It is hoped that the PDM document will serve as a personal guideline to start a new design activity later in the study or in a future professional career, and as such as an efficient means to access and refresh the course’s learning outcomes.

The explanation of this manual will be a part of the oral assessment. Although the manual should be a personal product, there are still general criteria that have to be met; Baca lebih lanjut