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Exploring the Graph of Quadratic Function

As a final project of  Design of Science Education and Communication course, all students, including my partner Sylvana and I have to design a learning activity. There 3  documents that we design;

  1. Underpinning Design
  2. Students’ Worksheet and Exercise
  3. Teaching Guide and Rubric

Underpinning Design

In this document we will describe our design about the “Exploring the Graph of a Quadratic Function”, for which the target group is students grade X in St Albertus Senior High School (14 to 15 years old), in Indonesia. This design is mainly intended to help students in drawing the graph of a quadratic function and let the students experience drawing the graph of a quadratic function to be more meaningful. The more detailed information about target group will be described in the target group part. In this design, we set students to work with a software namely Graphmatica 2.0. This software is used to draw any function. Baca lebih lanjut