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A critical methodological aspect of the research: When Are Graphs Worth Ten Thousand Words? An Expert-Expert Study

This essay is a final project task given in Research Method Science Education and Communication class. This essay is the following step of writing a critical methodological aspect of research that I have already publish on  13 of August 2012, namely  “A critical review of the research: Teacher understanding of the nature of science and classroom practice: Factors that facilitate or impede the relationship”. I hope you enjoy reading it, but unfortunately due to the copyright issue, I cannot share the article with you.

This essay is a critical analysis of an article named, “When Are Graphs Worth Ten Thousand Words? An Expert-Expert Study”. In order to show my critical perspective on this article, to be specified; the methodological aspect of the research I will elaborate the analysis on study conducted by Roth and Bowen (2003) as follows. Baca lebih lanjut