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Addition of Positive and Negative Integers

For my last project in  this master program, I would like to design a learning activity about addition of positive and negative integers. I concern on  this problem because based on several interviews that I have done right exactly before leaving Indonesia, some teachers stated that their students faced serious problem with it. Why does it happen? and  how will my design would be? Well, this post will be my first series of development that would be happen during the study for my thesis. Check this out.

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Exploring the Graph of Quadratic Function

As a final project of  Design of Science Education and Communication course, all students, including my partner Sylvana and I have to design a learning activity. There 3  documents that we design;

  1. Underpinning Design
  2. Students’ Worksheet and Exercise
  3. Teaching Guide and Rubric

Underpinning Design

In this document we will describe our design about the “Exploring the Graph of a Quadratic Function”, for which the target group is students grade X in St Albertus Senior High School (14 to 15 years old), in Indonesia. This design is mainly intended to help students in drawing the graph of a quadratic function and let the students experience drawing the graph of a quadratic function to be more meaningful. The more detailed information about target group will be described in the target group part. In this design, we set students to work with a software namely Graphmatica 2.0. This software is used to draw any function. Baca lebih lanjut