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MBA Scholarship at Robert Gordon University

The MBA scholarship for 2011/12, offered to Business, Management and Accounting students, can assist you with the cost of studying this prestigious course.

The Aberdeen Business School is able to offer a limited number of scholarships to assist exceptionally able students who wish to undertake its MBA programme on a full-time or online basis.

The MBA scholarship takes the form of a reduction in the normal tuition fees by a specified amount. Successful applicants will be responsible for paying the balance of their tuition fees, and for all their other travel and living expenses. Continue reading →


Master & PhD Scholarships, College of IT Engineering, Kyungpook National University, Korea


Scholarships are available for research programs in electrical / electronic engineering leading to PhD (3.5~ 4 years), Masters + Ph.D (4.5 years combined course) and Master’s Degree (2 years). The programs are research based and require publishing of research results in top academic journals. Selected candidates will be involved in government funded research projects. Candidates will receive full tuition fee waiver and salary (Approx. 900~1000 $/month for PhD study; 600$/month for Master’s Program). Kyungpook National University (KNU) is one of the leading national universities in Korea and ranked 2nd in terms of research productivity. Applications for the above programs close by 1st Nov-2011 for March 2012 intake. Students are also encouraged to apply after the deadline and their applications will be considered for the subsequent intake. Continue reading →

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