Conceptual Analysis


Conceptual analysis is a step in the design process, after the general MDA analysis, and before the designing of a model elaborated and outlined hypothetical learning trajectory. Conceptual analysis identifies the concepts at which the design focuses, including the targeted cognitive structure with its meaning/difficulties/uses/…

The topic of Conceptual analysis is related to how to make a concept map. Concept map is a way to visualize and concretize the learning process. We can use concept map to introduce the subject by a simple form, then during the learning process we can add some branches, We can also use it as a kind of assessment.

Based on article written by Novak (2008), there are some emerging uses of concept maps:

  • As a learning tool
  • As a evaluation tool: encourage students to use meaningful-mode learning pattern
  • An effective tool in identifying both valid and invalid ideas held by students.
  • It serves as a kind of template or scaffold to help to organize knowledge and to structure it
  • It facilitates meaningful learning and the creation of the powerful knowledge frameworks that not only permit utilization if the knowledge in new context but also retention of knowledge for long time periods of time.

Personal Application

Concept maps give me another perspective and alternative in teaching, even I feel that I can apply it in my study in order to see how the material is connected each other. I even feel that it will help me well to easily catch the idea of the whole material, since it also a sort of summary and visualization of the learning process. Related to the design that I made with my partner, I recognize that the central concept needed to elaborate the topic is “Quadratic Function”. Then I realise that beside the quadratic function, there are some topic that is also related to “Graphing Quadratic Equation” such as differential equation and drawing a graph in Cartesian diagram. Even it also underpins students’ ability in using computer and software.

Future Guideline

In order to make a good concept map, here I give steps how to construct a good concept map.

How to construct a concept maps?

Concept maps are not only a powerful tool for capturing, representing and archiving knowledge of individuals but also a powerful tool to create new knowledge.

Steps on constructing good concept map:


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